Monday, 12 September 2016

Selce And The Crikvenica Riviera

Croatia Online - Selce Anchor Statue

Every settlement on the Croatian coast seems to be part of a “Riviera” these days and Selce is no exception, being part of the Crikvenica Riviera. When we wrote about nearby Crikvenica itself, on sister site Croatia Online (Croatia Road Trip Day 6 - Crikvenica) , we referred to a bygone era and indeed the area seems to have had its heyday as a spa retreat in the early 20th century. When we visited Selce in early May it gave the impression of a slightly sleepy but very endearing small town with everything needed in terms of basic facilities. It also has two campsites:

Autokamp Selce is part of the huge Jadran Hotels and Campsite Resort. We didn’t visit it and the website seems to be mostly in Croatian only so we’ve had to hunt around for corroborated facts. Its own website suggests it’s a 3-star site but others give 2 stars. Like most coastal campsites of the resort variety, it’s pretty huge and has a sizeable stretch of beach to itself. Dogs are allowed and facilities like shops, restaurants, bakery and mini golf aim to provide everything you will need while you’re there. This link will take you to the price list which does have English translations - - and if you can work your way around of the rest of the website, you’ll recognise the style of site as of the holiday camp variety and likely to be pretty packed with families in the high summer.

Uvala Slana is about half the size of Autokamp Selce but of a similar style and also part of a hotel group which has not yet invested in full translations on its website. This link will take you to the price list in kunas and this one to the price list in Euros. It has similar facilities to its neighbour (details on the pricelists) and both also offer holiday homes if you want the camping lifestyle but don’t want to tow or drive your accommodation with you..

Be warned that in this more traditional resort area of Croatia, you’re unlikely to find any of the newer breed of mini camps.

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