Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Camp Bunica, Near Senj

Croatia Camping Guide - Camp Bunica Sign

We’d had an early start  on this our second whole day in Croatia, and we were getting tired after researching so many campsites. That and the rather steep and narrow access road meant that we didn’'t feel like going all the way down to inspect Camp Bunica up close. Of course Murphy’s law means that this is the only campsite of the day that does not seem to have its own website, or much information at all on the web so I’m afraid we can’t tell you about the prices.

We did, however, take some photos from the top of the access road which suggests a small, family owned campsite, right next to a splendid beach and a little bar/ restaurant, as well as some rooms to let too, We also took a GPS reading from the top of the access road: 45°01.475’ N 14°53.114 E

I  found a few reviews but all in a foreign language. The gist of those I could understand was that it was perhaps a little on the expensive side but very peaceful, with friendly owners, and a lovely place to swim and relax.. Obviously you’ll need your car or motorhome to get to shops, or into town (Senj,) as there’s nothing within an easy walk..

The photo below shows the beach and campsite right next door.

Croatia Camping Guide - Camp Bunica Beach

This next photo shows the top of the access road.

Croatia Camping Guide - Camp Bunica Access

The contact details, from my Croatian National Tourist Board free Camping Guide, where its listed under Mini Campsites, are:

Address: Bunica V, Bunica b.b. Senj, HR 53270.

Tel: +385 ( 0 ) 53 616 718


My experience is that if an organisation does not have a website, and sometimes even if it does, your chances of getting a response to an enquiry in English by email is pretty slim. However, just in case I am doing Camp Bunica a disservice, I have emailed to ask for a price list and will add a comment to this posting if I get anything back.

Next stop Senj and what a find that was – we liked it so much its the main photo for this blog.


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