Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Kamp Kanić, Near Novalja, Pag Island

Croatia Camping Guide - Camp Kanić Overview

Kamp Kanić is one of those campsites where you’d be forgiven for thinking that, although the designer has read all the books about what makes for an ideal small modern campsite, he or she has not quite got to grips with the details and practicalities. It’s clearly very new, and the attractive but steep paved drive that I thought might be very slippery, actually provided quite a good grip. However, what looked like flat pitches, were surprisingly difficult to get level on, and the olive trees, that otherwise provide character and shade, tend to make parking tricky on a number of the pitches.

Croatia Camping Guide - Camp Kanić Restaurant & Olive Trees

It was not that warm but this was the only time on the trip when my engine got anywhere near to over heating after numerous manoeuvres to try and park level and without scraping an olive branch. In fact I tried three different pitches as the olive branches on the first two were just too low.

Other idiosyncrasies include large shower cubicles with enormous shower heads but no separate private dressing area where you can keep your clothes dry, and a lovely covered washing up area but with quite shallow sinks. Blissfully, there’s no timer on the showers but I can imagine that, with shower heads that size, the water bills will be colossal.

Croatia Camping Guide - Camp Kanić Washing Up Area

I first met grandfather, who lived nearby and came out when he heard me, and he put me onto the phone with grandson who appeared to be running the place. We struck a deal over the phone but, to his credit, when he arrived the next morning, he told me he had assumed there were two adults and had therefore over quoted me. So the price reduced from 110 Kn to 80 Kn, all in, which was very reasonable, especially given the fact that there is normally a charge for pets.

Croatia Camping Guide - Camp Kanić Terraces

The cafe bar and grill wasn’t open yet but it looked like a very cosy spot, and the stone terracing and flowers were very pretty too. The beach area was also very cosy with new, Hawaiian-type, straw parasols, and what looked like a few lorry loads of bought in shingle. There was also a tiny little harbour for small boats and the price list includes a rent-a-boat option which could be the best way to travel around in high summer.

Croatia Camping Guide - Camp Kanić Mini Marina

Kamp Kanić is part of a settlement called Dabovi Stani, about 5km from town in the direction of Lun, and there’s not much else about, so you’d either need to make your own entertainment and come well stocked, or take a car or boat trip for provisions and amenities. However, with about 40 pitches in total and the promise of no noise from Novalja, if you’re looking to escape the crowds, you could do much worse.

Croatia Camping Guide - Camp Kanić Beach

There’s a full price list on the website - - and it’s good to see that WiFi is free. A “Camperstop Complete”, for 2 persons, incluing the use of all essential facilties plus electricity will cost between €19 and €34 per day depending on the season.