Monday, 26 September 2016

Camp Kozica

Croatia Camping Guide - Camp Kozica

Those that read our previous posting on nearby Camp Klenovica will know that Camp Kozica is part of the same organisation – Luje. It’s a similar type of campsite too – covering a large area with its own stretch of beach and intended to be a kind of self contained holiday village with all the essential facilities on site. Again, it’s clear from the long grass and closed supermarket that Camp Kozica is not quite ready for the start of the season but that was a similar story throughout the early weeks of our trip (May and early June).

Croatia Camping Guide - Camp Kozica Shop

The access road is good and, though the facilities look a little tatty from the outside, the washrooms and toilets were modern and clean.

Croatia Camping Guide - Camp Kozica Toilets

Prices are the same as Camp Klenovica so I’ve repeated the information below:

“a pitch costs from 70 to 96 Kn, one adult from 31 to 46 Kn, registration, insurance and taxes 11 to 14 Kn, a dog 13 to 21 Kn and electricity a flat 30 Kn. If I’d stayed there in May it would have cost me 159 Kn in total including the dog and electricity – on the slightly high side of the average I paid throughout the trip, particularly with some of the facilities not yet open.  “Pitch” is a bit of a misnomer as the camping area is not divided up and you just select a spot. This is quite common in Croatia and has its advantages and disadvantages!”

There’s a slip for launching small boats and though some of the electricity supply units looked a little in need of attention I’m sure that’s something that will be on the list of “pre-season” work.

Croatia Camping Guide - Camp Kozica Slip

For more information and pictures link to Camp Kozica Website

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