Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Camping Sibinj

Croatia Camping Guide -Camping Sibinj

Day seven of our trip (but only our second whole day in Croatia) has turned into a campsite visiting one! One of the joys of this trip was that no two days were the same – sometimes we had a big town to revisit that took all day, sometimes a handful of little settlements, each of which we could walk around in twenty minutes., occasionally not a campsite or anything else of interest for quite a few miles so we could just drive and admire the views, and, on a day like today, a campsite around almost every corner.

Our next campsite, Camping Sibinj, was a real treat, not least because there was a tiny little church in the middle of it. I thought that made it pretty unique but I do seem to recall another one towards the end of the trip – we shall see.

Croatia Camping Guide- Camping Sibinj, Church

As you can see from the main picture, the campsite is quite close to the main road. That means access is pretty easy but of course the downside is that you will probably hear the lorries rumble past, wherever you are. It’s not a huge campsite but it has all the basic facilities – again the toilet block looked a little “rustic” from the outside but was clean and reasonably modern inside. For electricity, there are both Croatian and standard European sockets.

Croatia Camping Guide - Camping Sibinj, Toilets

The campsite also has a shop, free WiFi, a bus service to Senj and its own restaurant, with a no dogs sign fairly prominent, (though they are otherwise allowed on the campsite but perhaps not on the beach when it’s full of people). There is another restaurant directly opposite on the other side of the road.

As you can see from the photo of the campsite restaurant below, this campsite is like all the others so far - still working hard to get everything ready for the summer, though I’m sure they would have taken my money if I’d wanted to stay!

Croatia Camping Guide- Camping Sibinj, Restaurant

The beach looks great and is quite long with white pebbles that look as if they may have been brought in.

Croatia Camping Guide - Camping Sibinj, Beach

And if you want to meet any sailing friends for lunch, there are a couple of concrete mooring blocks on land with some buoys out to sea. Depths around four metres we were told.

There seems to be one price for the whole season (May to August) rather than the usual higher price for July and August: per day, a motorhome less than 5 metres costs 48 Kn; over 5 metres 58 Kn. Add to that 28 Kn for an adult or 14 Kn for a child between 5 & 12; under fives presumably free, electricity 32 Kn, dog 20 Kn, taxes 2 to 6 KN per day depending on age and season. I would have paid 143 Kn including dog and electricity which, again, is just above my average. For more information (but not prices) and some photos of the campsite in full swing, go to Apartmani Sibinj As the website name suggests, the owners (very helpful and friendly even while they were busy with all their maintenance jobs!) also have apartments to rent and we saw some new mobile homes in the campsite – see picture below -  so no doubt they’ll be for hire too.

Croatia Camping Guide -Camping Sibinj Mobile Homes

Of the three campsites I’ve seen so far today I would say this would be best as an overnight stop, mainly in terms of access and not being as huge as the others which are more focused on longer stays, but we’ve a couple more to come on day seven, including one of my very favourites of the whole trip.


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