Monday, 11 July 2016

Croatia Camping Guide – Getting There

Croatia Camping Guide -Eurotunnel car park

Time to dispel a few myths - the common reaction when people find out that I’ve been to Croatia in my campervan is – “you’re brave”, when the truth is I’m really not. Plenty of people holiday in Germany or Austria and if you get to Austria then Croatia is not much further. And its certainly quicker and easier to get to than the Costa del Sol in Spain. The fact that you can fly to Croatia in a couple of hours, rather than the three plus it can take to the south of Spain, should give you an idea of the comparative distances.

If you want to get there quickly – and it’s “doable” in two days -then its motorway pretty well all the way -  just go to Brussels and through Belgium, diagonally from north west to south east  Germany, though Austria via Graz, through Slovenia and then you’re there! Check out sister site Croatia Online - Driving To Croatia Day 1 for more details of the journey.

Despite Croatia’s rapidly increasing popularity, there still seems to be an impression that it’s “remote” or a little “wild” or very “foreign” – well I’ve just done a return trip to the Lake District, with a bit of local exploring while I was there, and I could have nearly got to Croatia on the same number of miles.

Croatia is now in the EU (which, until Brexit, used to be a good indication), English is widely spoken, it has a great newish motorway running down the coast, and to Istria and Zagreb, it is now covered by most insurance and recovery policies, it’s in the Pet Passport Scheme, it is GORGEOUS and varied, so what’s not to like?    

Despite all that, we Brit campers are a rarity and most large campsites are awash with Germans, Austrians, Czech, Dutch and Belgiums in roughly that order. So our mission is to encourage you to swell our numbers so that we don’t have to learn German just to be able to converse with fellow campers when we are there.. So come on, let us help you pluck up your courage and make Croatia you’re next camping trip.

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