Tuesday 4 October 2016

Kamp Škver, Senj

Croatia Camping Guide - Senj

Today was one of the very many very happy days of a very happy trip! I know there are a lot of “verys” in that sentence but, even without considering this was a working trip, it’s difficult to imagine a better way of exploring or passing the time.  The weather was great, the roads nice and quiet, we’d researched a handful of campsites on the way, and were just thinking that it might be time to stop in an hour or too when we discovered Kamp Škver in Senj. We liked it so much we decided to stop early and enjoy our position on the front row to the sea. And it also became the main photo for this blog as, to me, it depicts exactly what a trip of this kind to Croatia is all about – parking up after a hard day’s work, opening the campervan door and having a refreshing swim before a delicious fish supper.


I wasn’t quite sure about having a swim to start with – the sea still seemed a little cold but it was too good an opportunity to miss and, once I had braved it, a German lady then decided to try and everyone else followed! The dog, of course, never misses an opportunity and we found him a little spot, away from everyone.

Croatia Camping Guide - Senj, dog swimming

The campsite has a lovely rustic restaurant – Konoba Gajeta - with great food. I had a fisherman’s gnocchi, a mixed salad and a beer which was 117 Kn, including 3 Kn for bread which is always a bit irritating but quite common.

Croatia Camping Guide - Senj, Dinner

Then it was a short walk, past the restaurant and under the stone arch, to go and investigate Senj itself and admire another amazing Croatian sunset.

Croatia Camping Guide - Senj, sunset

I’ll be writing more, on Senj itself, on sister site, Croatia Online in due course. Its a lovely “spacious” and atmospheric town with plenty of history and a castle high up keeping an eye on everything. It’s not a prime tourist spot for lazing around on the beach but it’s my kind of place and the small campsite is superbly located, both in terms of being right next to the sea and also right next to the town.

Kamp Škver has all the facilities you need – not overly modern but not overly old either and it was one of the real bargains of the trip at 88 Kn including 20 for electricity and the dog thrown in during early negotiations. The staff are friendly and business like and it was the perfect staging post for me to start getting into “Mediterranean” mode. It has an unassailable place in my top ten campsites for location, value for money, the restaurant and a quirky kind of exclusivity.

Croatia Camping Guide - Senj, restaurant


The stone building is the restaurant and just behind that is the arch which separates the campsite from the town centre. 


For contact details and more information go to Tourist Board Senj - Skver Campsite

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