Sunday 26 June 2016

Welcome To The Definitive Croatia Camping Guide

Croatia Camping Guide Senj
Hello everyone and welcome to a blog that’s going to help you navigate around Croatia and its campsites. And there’s some very good news!

Having lived in Croatia for ten years and sailed and motored around it for a lot of that time, its only recently, after moving back to the UK, that I’ve had the chance to put Croatia’s campsites to the test. Compared to sailing around in the comfort of a yacht, or being able to return home after a busy day exploring by road, I thought a long stretch travelling around Croatia in a campervan, and relying on campsites, would be a disappointment. But how wrong I was. 

Long gone are the days when you’ve no choice but to pick a huge holiday camp in need of renovation. They still exist and have their place, but now you have a choice of exquisite mini camps in well placed back gardens or off the beaten track, brand new luxury camp sites with every mod con, or your own little stretch of beach.

I think it's still true that the best way to explore Croatia is by sea but camping comes a very close second. And as we share our discoveries with you we hope it will whet your appetite enough to make that trip. Us Brit campervan and caravanning travellers are still quite a rarity amongst the primarily German and Austrian aficionados who have been keeping things to themselves for years!!

I’ve just returned from a busy seven week trip to Croatia, changing campsites every day, and there is SO much to report. So watch these pages as we give you a taste of the delights in store and explain the practicalities for making the most of it.

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