Thursday 20 October 2016

Eurocamp Raca

Croatia Camping Guide - Eurocamp Raca

I’m not quite sure what to make of Eurocamp Raca, also known as Autocamp Raca and “Moko”, though the latter may just refer to the bar and restaurant. Like many campsites, small and large, in early May it was not yet ready for visitors but the “For Sale” notice on the reception window might be a clue. Similarly, I couldn’t find a website for the campsite itself, when I googled it, and the Facebook page, featuring an “Endless Summer Open Air Party”, was last updated in 2013. It is, however, in the 2016 camping guide I received from the Croatian Tourist Office and that does provide a website – - which has a very informative video about, firstly,  a roadside restaurant in nearby Sv Juraj under the same ownership, and then the campsite. The video shows the campsite and the on-site restaurant and cocktail bar in full swing with plenty going on – boat trips, pool table, tennis, diving – so it might be a great place for an extended stay. I THINK you would either have to get a boat or walk along the main road to Sv Juraj and it’s a few kilometres away – see Croatia Online - Sv Juraj for more information on the village.

The access is very easy if you are on the “sea” side of the main coast road and it’s just 100 metres down a gradually sloping slip road to the campsite. The first part of the site, with the restaurant and bar, is right by the beach and then you go under a little bridge and under the coast road to the other half. I saw quite a few campsites making use of this kind of arrangement, using both sides of the coast road via a track underneath it and perhaps it’s easier to describe clearly in pictures! The main picture above shows the first part, before you go under the bridge. The next two photos, below, show the bridge and then the “inland” part of the campsite, nestled into the hills, where most of the pitches and the bungalows are located.

Croatia Camping Guide - Eurocamp Raca Bridge

Croatia Camping Guide - Eurocamp Raca inland

Apart from in the high season, the coast road won’t be that busy but you probably will hear an occasional lorry thundering past, wherever you are on this small camp site.

The pitches are well marked out with little stone walls and the white building to the left of the bridge, in the photo above, houses the washrooms which looked fine.

There’s a pier and a slip for small boats and the bar and restaurant furniture were just awaiting their spring clean!

Croatia Camping Guide - Eurocamp Raca Pier and Slip

Example prices are as follows with the first price being for May, June and September and the second for July and August:

Campervan                           35 Kn/40 Kn

Adults                                  30 Kn/35 Kn

Dog                                     15 Kn/20 Kn

Electricity                             25 Kn/25 Kn

Registration & Taxes             13 Kn/14 Kn

A bungalow is 360 Kn/460 Kn per day and sleeps five according to the Senj Tourist Board website page listing the campsite - At the time of writing, the website link it provides for the campsite is not working.

I would have paid 118 Kn if I had stayed there, based on those prices, which puts it just a little above my average.

GPS 44° 54.98 N 14° 54.87 E

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