Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Glamping In Croatia

Croatia Camping Guide - Private Yurt c

Our hectic touring schedule was  not particularly conducive to making the most of any glamour available and, quite frankly, the budget for seven weeks touring didn’t allow too much room for spoiling ourselves. However that did not stop us from admiring some of the top end camping facilities we came across. Indeed, many of the new campsites, as well as some of the refurbished ones, are pretty glamourous in their own right and still very reasonable in price, especially outside the high season. We’ll be highlighting the special ones in future postings.

In the meantime, our friends at the Croatian Language School highlighted a glamping location very close to their summer school, on the beautiful island of Mali Lošinj, and asked us to have a look at it. That sparked off a collaboration on a series of three articles on Glamping which you can read on the following links:

Easy Croatian - Glamping In Croatia, Introduction

Easy Croatian - Glamping On The Coast of Croatia

Easy Croatian - Glamping In Inland Croatia

We are hoping to spend a little more time exploring Mali Lošinj next year – as you will see from the second article on coastal Croatia, there’s certainly plenty to discover.


Today’s photo is of a very exclusive glamping structure in a very special location which I did get to enjoy but I’m afraid this Yurt is not for hire. It’s an imported hand-made original belonging to a very dear friend of mine and, in this photo, is erected in a secret and private location near Šibenik.

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